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Yoga Mates

Your Health Impacts Your wealth

Knowing when to make changes is easier than knowing how.

I know you've felt it, the desire to be better without the drive.

Now  more than ever it is crucial to align your physical, mental and emotional well-being.  And with so much of our time spent at work having tools to manage the stress of burnout  can make all the difference.

This is why more and more wise companies are keeping their people thriving -and keeping their edge- with  yoga, mindfulness and education in preventative medicine.

weather you're looking for virtual classes or on-site retreats we'll work directly with you to find the best fit for your location and team. Our offerings include virtual and on-demand classes in floor yoga, chair yoga, guided meditation, mindfulness and nutrition

and so much more, seriously!


In addition Unify Mind Body creates  company specific programs covering a variety of holistic topics such as; Achieving restful sleep, setting boundaries to cultivate better work life balance, gut health and pretty much anything wellness related!

More Mindful = More Creative!

Yoga, mindfulness and fitness has been shown to lead to:

  • Supercharge focus and concentration

  • Improve overall mood & moral

  • Release some serious tension and stress

  • Enhance productivity and creativity

  • Make teamwork (yes, even over the computer!) significantly more pleasant

  • Increase commitment to overall health


Boost the "I Love My Job Factor" with the Help of Unify Mind Body.

Foster a healthy work culture and atmosphere with virtual and in-person options so everyone at your company will be able to attend.

After a session you can expect to feel:

  • An overall sense of well-being

  • More calm and focused

  • Energized and ready to tackle the next task on your to-do list

So what could more connection and caffeine free creativity do for you?

How it Works:

We Come to You

One of our certified yoga instructors will meet with you and provide the necessary props and guidance for an immersive on-site, healing experience.

A Holistic Approach

We offer your people personalized lifestyle upgrades. Starting with yoga sequences designed to create mental clarity and stamina all while  alleviating negative symptoms that occur from chronic sitting or repetitive use.

Your Business is More Successful!

After a session you can expect to feel refreshed and recharged, the accumulative effect will stimulate business as well as create a healthy work environment that supports creative and efficient employees.

What Members Are Saying

Amy K.-Member

Seriously I love your classes! I love the stretching and flow work. Helps my stress and anxiety and overall well-being.

Margie C.-Member

I have taken yoga off and on for over ten years and my goals are mostly internal. I use yoga for maintaining/ strengthening flexibility. These classes challenge me and I appreciate that !

Karen  k.- Office Manager

We are so grateful to Myckie and her team for coming to our office each week! I so look forward to her classes and have been joining on -line too! She has a very inclusive teaching style and is so knowledgeable about stress management and health in general!

Myckie Colet

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